Definition of shelf-ful in English:



  • See shelf

    • ‘This enormous book of 552 pages, closely printed, is almost a shelfful of books collected in one volume.’
    • ‘There was not a shelfful of books on, say, how to give a talk in public, as there is now; there was usually none.’
    • ‘These things tend to discourage purchase - who wants to have a shelfful of dead ideas?’
    • ‘Yet in the midst of all this I also have several shelf-fuls of gifts which he will not use.’
    • ‘‘There are virtually shelf-fuls of compounds capable of acting in an antioxidant fashion,’ says Thies.’
    • ‘Almost every one of the shelfful of books he has published since the early 1970s has explored these themes in one way or another.’
    • ‘But once started on the path of learning, he rapidly got together quite a respectable shelfful of books, which bore unmistakable proofs of much usage.’
    • ‘This section contains a shelf-ful of really good ones, both fiction (by Muslim authors) and nonfiction.’
    • ‘I loan out shelf-fuls of DVDs to my friends.’
    • ‘For instance, I have a shelf-ful of electronic gizmos - bought and paid-for - that I have never managed to make use of.’