Definition of Sheetrock in English:



mass nounUS
  • A plasterboard made of gypsum layered between sheets of heavy paper.

    • ‘With the masonry bit, drill through the tile, cement board and Sheetrock to the wood.’
    • ‘Titled Hidden Clues, it was a massive, room-size structure, composed of Sheetrock, wood and paper.’
    • ‘For uncomplicated cuts such as this, backer board can be scored and then snapped, much like Sheetrock.’
    • ‘The stairwell was blocked from above - by huge pieces of the light gypsum drywall, often called Sheetrock, that had enclosed the stairwell to protect it.’
    • ‘If you are not dealing with ceiling medallions or decorative trim like crown moldings, 3/8-inch Sheetrock screwed into the ceiling joists directly over the damaged plaster works well.’