Definition of sheeted in English:



  • 1Covered with or enveloped in a sheet of cloth.

    ‘the sheeted body’
    • ‘Their mother stepped over the sheeted body with a smile.’
    • ‘I turned in my bed and the covers fell off the sheeted mattress onto the floor and I shivered slightly at the loss of the warmth that the blankets had afforded me.’
  • 2Geology
    (of rock) fissured or divided into layers, especially by faulting.

    ‘drilling has shown a large, low-grade sheeted vein’
    • ‘The boundary between the sheeted dykes and pillow lavas is tectonic, and because of shearing, the pillow basalts are locally poorly preserved.’
    • ‘This type of intrusion formed of numerous dykes is called a sheeted dyke complex.’
    • ‘The ophiolite contains a complete igneous stratigraphy of serpentinized ultramafics, gabbro, sheeted dykes and pillow lavas, as described by Moores.’
    • ‘We have mapped the entire Spontang ophiolite region where we recognize a complete upper mantle sequence of harzburgite and crustal gabbroic, sheeted dykes and pillow lava succession.’
    • ‘It is often assumed that oceanic crust consists of a characteristic ‘layer-cake’ sequence of gabbros, sheeted dykes and lavas, as found in many ophiolites.’