Definition of sheet lightning in English:

sheet lightning


mass noun
  • Lightning with its brightness diffused by reflection within clouds.

    • ‘Heat lightning is like sheet lightning, but is so far away that you cannot hear the thunder.’
    • ‘Often, the sheet lightning in the distance and occasional real storms can add to the drama on stage.’
    • ‘We went outside to see the sky lit up by great flashes of sheet lightning, but no thunder.’
    • ‘I counted 53 strokes over a period of 2 minutes at its height, mainly chain and sheet lightning, though we got a ground strike on a tree about 50 metres away.’
    • ‘Thunder rolled across the waves as occasional flashes of sheet lightning burst across the sky illuminating the dark-grey thunderheads in a spectacular display of nature's fury and beauty.’
    • ‘Standing there in my pyjamas I watch sheet lightning strike the Atlantic.’
    • ‘A blaze of bloody green steel answered, and the blades met in a terrible explosion of fury, bleaching the ravine with a glare of hate that blasted up like sheet lightning.’
    • ‘In the distance, thunder rumbled, and sheet lightning dimly lit the sky.’
    • ‘By the 1970s, however, writing the umpteenth article on sheet lightning imagery in The Scarlet Letter or Macbeth did not seem like a great way to make a splash or launch a career, and so a new methodology had to be generated.’
    • ‘Like sheet lightning, these flashes are created by lightning bolts, but are in thunderstorms more than 10 miles away.’
    • ‘The mixture of warm air and moisture creates thunderstorms at altitude - maybe 3,000 metres - bringing thunder and sheet lightning and heavy downpours from France, often at night.’
    • ‘Thankfully the wind remained fairly constant as we were blinded by the sheet lightning.’


sheet lightning