Definition of sheet feeder in English:

sheet feeder


  • A device for feeding paper into a computer printer a sheet at a time.

    • ‘Postscript is emulated and you can add up to three additional 500-page sheet feeders.’
    • ‘The sheet feeder worked smooth - there were no jams, which can be common on inexpensive feeders - and it's designed for easy access of the rollers if paper does get stuck.’
    • ‘He knows the fancy copier can do that, so he loads his originals into the sheet feeder, then begins studying the copier's control panel so he can get things right the first time.’
    • ‘It was pressed into service on the new book and quickly revealed its main flaw: the sheet feeder.’
    • ‘The standard 4,200 sheet feeder can be augmented with a further 4,000 page feeder.’