Definition of sheet bend in English:

sheet bend


  • A method of temporarily fastening one rope through the loop of another.

    • ‘The groups hiked down to Blackfoot to tie clove hitches, half hitches, square knots, fisherman knots, and sheet bends, then walked a course with the Patrol tied together.’
    • ‘Reading between the lines, I detect a loophole or two in the health and safety rules; there is no ban on using weapons against dinosaurs, nor on using reef knots and sheet bends to tie up one's prisoners.’
    • ‘If you find that the sheet bend slips then you need to get more ‘bight’ out of the towel.’
    • ‘The double sheet bend is a more secure version of the sheet bend and is a common knot to be used when tying two lines together, particularly if the lines are of different diameter.’
    • ‘It should not be used like a regular sheet bend to join two different lengths of cord.’
    • ‘If the ropes you are joining together are slick, such as nylon line, you may want to add an extra loop into your sheet bend for greater security.’
    • ‘Use a sheet bend if you're going to put heavy stress on the knot, if one end is hard to bend or tie, or if you don't want the knot to come undone any time soon.’
    • ‘Run the free end as shown in figure 1 and tighten to make the locking sheet bend shown in figure 2.’
    • ‘While the braver souls dodged traffic to retrieve gear, I scrounged pieces of rope from the trunk, joined them with sheet bends, and tied a bowline loop in one end.’
    • ‘The essentials of the boater's repertoire are here - the bowline, the sheet bend, the clove hitch, etc. - but so are such lesser-known gems as the hawser bend, the cow hitch, and many more.’
    • ‘A double sheet bend may be employed when a sheet bend may not have enough friction to hold well.’