Definition of sheepishly in English:



  • In an embarrassed manner due to shame or a lack of self-confidence.

    ‘I smiled sheepishly, my face instantly flushing’
    ‘I had to sheepishly admit my error’
    • ‘She looked at her mother sheepishly, while her mother was looking at her very sternly.’
    • ‘I sheepishly put it on in the corner, thinking of all the black dance clothes I had at home.’
    • ‘Somewhat sheepishly, I reflected on how often I had felt that patients were a little sycophantic in their remarks at the end of a consultation.’
    • ‘They turned their heads and smiled sheepishly at her.’
    • ‘I grinned sheepishly, suddenly feeling very warm inside my brother's jacket.’
    • ‘"Compared to what I do now," he said sheepishly, "those drawings were pretty primitive."’
    • ‘I looked down sheepishly at my hands that were folded neatly in my lap, not wanting to meet his gaze.’
    • ‘The company execs sheepishly suggest the concept didn't translate well to products.’
    • ‘The congregation, taken aback a bit by the hectoring from the pulpit, retorted sheepishly, "We do."’
    • ‘He looked sheepishly into the lantern, his head slightly bowed.’