Definition of sheepdog trials in English:

sheepdog trials

plural noun

  • A public competitive display of the skills of sheepdogs.

    • ‘She lived long before the first sheepdog trials, during a lean and hungry time in Scotland.’
    • ‘She worked with Mollie in obedience for two years before beginning herding, and she and Mollie were competing in open sheepdog trials until she lost Mollie to bone cancer.’
    • ‘He was also a sheep farmer who, with his dog Pal, won national sheepdog trials!’
    • ‘There will be fishing, shooting, archery, falconry, gundog and sheepdog trials, terrier races and equestrian events taking place, each in their separate area of the grounds, throughout the two-day fair.’
    • ‘Competitors and spectators at an annual charity sheepdog trials helped to raise the highest total for three years.’
    • ‘One of the most colourful events of the day was the show jumping competition which attracted competitors from all parts of Kerry and beyond while horse and pony shows and sheepdog trials also proved popular with punters.’
    • ‘She said: ‘The whole purpose of sheepdog trials should not be put down as a competitive sport.’’
    • ‘Breeders who select the stud dogs and bitches within a breed effectively direct the breed's progress, and among sheepdogs, the eminent dogs have been those that excelled at sheepdog trials.’
    • ‘I've always been fascinated by sheepdog trials, though I watch it on TV rather than go to the real thing and have to peer into the distance.’
    • ‘Today, with the huge popularity of sheepdog trials, many shepherds now have practical hill dogs and competition dogs.’
    • ‘The popularity of sheepdog trials is surging in Australia, despite a declining rural population and a growing trend of using motorbikes to herd sheep and cattle.’
    • ‘The grounds have been used for many diverse sports, such as massive youth football tournaments, American football, and even sheepdog trials.’
    • ‘At the top, listening to the handler's faint whistles, it is apparent what sheepdog trials are about: one particular dog; three particular sheep.’
    • ‘The three friends traveled to the sheepdog trials together.’
    • ‘They include horse racing, bull riding, and sheepdog trials.’
    • ‘We compete in sheepdog trials, and we put a fair number of miles on the pickup finding sheep to practice with.’
    • ‘Watch championship sheepdog trials, flower arranging, traditional wrestling and show-jumping competitions, and admire prize-winning bulls, horses, chickens and dogs.’
    • ‘In the past it has included a Saturday evening party in a marquee, as well as rural attractions such as sheepdog trials, rare owls and weaving, rare breeds, steam engines and games.’
    • ‘It is easy to see sheepdog trials as a just another form of recreation, as no different from any of these other competitive activities, and perhaps there is some truth in that.’
    • ‘Some of the events taking place include fly casting competitions, demonstrations, clay pigeon shooting, gundog and sheepdog trials, terrier races and a tug-of-war.’