Definition of sheepdog in English:



  • 1A dog trained to guard and herd sheep.

    • ‘It's like being a sheepdog on a sensitivity training course these days.’
    • ‘Collies, in those days, were known as rough-coated sheepdogs or smooth-coated sheepdogs, depending on their coat type.’
    • ‘Two of the retired sheepdogs from the neighbouring farm occasionally come to visit us, and we make them welcome, give them a stroke or a brush and a few dog biscuits.’
    • ‘Five hundred limited edition copies of the book, which follows the story of the sheepdog and his friends on Whimsey Farm, went on sale.’
    • ‘To expect these hunting horses to thrive in roles for which they are not suited by breeding would be as unrealistic as to expect trained sheepdogs to thrive as family pets.’
    • ‘A farmer who lived a simple life with his two sheepdogs ensured that the animals would have a good home when he died - by leaving them and his 18th century farmhouse to an agricultural engineer.’
    • ‘If the Lord's my shepherd, then these blokes are his huge sheepdogs.’
    • ‘In this way it functions like a sheepdog herding its flock, always watching over and controlling the whole.’
    • ‘Keen as a young sheepdog on a winter morning, this is the sort of wine that oyster lovers yearn for.’
    • ‘Samaritans in Northallerton are helping volunteers from a North Yorkshire-based charity who are counselling farmers separated from their sheepdogs by the foot-and-mouth crisis.’
    • ‘The collie-dingo hybrids worked silently, and instead of working at the heads of the cattle, as most sheepdogs do, they worked from the rear, snapping at the heels of cattle when necessary.’
    • ‘Dogs and sheep don't mix well, unless it's a highly trained sheepdog and in our experience owners have not been too careful where their animals leave their trademark.’
    • ‘He helped look after the sheep of eight farmers which meant early starts and braving cold, biting winter winds, often with only the company of a sheepdog.’
    • ‘On their last morning, the birds are herded by sheepdogs into a darkened ‘starving pen’ - and from there, they are attracted by the light into boxes with a hatch into the slaughter room.’
    • ‘While she's not a fully trained sheepdog by any stretch of the imagination, she has had a bit of training and the instinct of her breeding and, kept on the lead, was ably darting from side to side yelping the sheep forwards.’
    • ‘There will be a variety of animal classes, including sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, donkeys and sheepdogs, as well as more than 200 craft and trade stands and a 19,000 first prize show jumping event.’
    • ‘Even the sheep estimated at 42.5 million have so much space that it requires packs of sheepdogs to round them up for corralling.’
    • ‘This pattern of stimulus and response is parallel to the way that a shepherd might train his sheepdog.’
    • ‘A shepherd watched his flock through binoculars and his sheepdog watched from the back of the quadbike.’
    • ‘Where does all this suave urbanity leave the true, ocker Aussie, the weathered stockman riding along in the outback with his trusty sheepdog, always ready for a few tinnies and a bloody good chunder?’
    1. 1.1 A dog of a breed suitable for guarding and herding sheep.
      • ‘Their big shaggy komondor sheepdogs with matted dreadlock pelts stayed close at heel.’
      • ‘Breeders who select the stud dogs and bitches within a breed effectively direct the breed's progress, and among sheepdogs, the eminent dogs have been those that excelled at sheepdog trials.’
      • ‘The dog was a mutt that looked like a cross between a sheepdog and a poodle.’
      • ‘Thus, the sheepdogs developed for use on the islands were bred for agility, brains and speed.’
      • ‘Most of the dogs were adult sheepdogs, but in one of the cages, a group of puppies were frolicking.’
      • ‘The breeds from which the sheepdog sprang are not identified, though some people maintain that Scotch bearded collies played a significant role in the sheepdog's development.’
      • ‘Others, however, say the bull terrier crosses never occurred, while some people suggest that Border collies or other sheepdogs participated in the Airedale's evolution.’
      • ‘At the lower end of the animal scale, the popular breed of German sheepdogs was rebranded as ‘Alsatians’, and dachshunds disappeared from the streets.’
      • ‘Endeavouring to safeguard themselves from the debauchery of robbed apartments, many inhabitants of Magnitogorsk have begun to acquire dogs of the bigger breeds like sheepdogs and Alsatians.’