Definition of sheep walk in English:

sheep walk


  • A tract of land on which sheep are pastured.

    • ‘This town is the metropolis of Craven, and in early writings it is called Sciptone, Sceptone, or Scepteton, evidently from the Saxon Scep, a sheep; and the name was acquired from the vast tracts of sheep walks which anciently laid around it.’
    • ‘Avoiding this ascent, continue southwards along the track which merges with numerous sheep walks as it skirts the base of the hill.’
    • ‘They were heading for more spacious sheep walks.’
    • ‘Burning is often used in the management of sheep walks and grouse moors, and poorly controlled fires can exacerbate these detrimental effects.’
    • ‘Some producers may choose to trim sheeps' feet if they believe this will improve the shape of the foot or the way the sheep walks.’
    • ‘Learn about the Railway King, the Market Weighton Giant, and discover the history behind the sheep walks.’
    • ‘Famous for sheep and vast sheep walks, the Cotswolds has evolved to provide a rich and diverse range of farming.’
    • ‘The region has been grassland probably since prehistoric times and was famous for extensive sheep walks until well into the 19th century.’
    • ‘The sheep were penned in folds on arable overnight so that their dung and urine would ` tathe’ the ground before being returned to their sheep walks during the day.’