Definition of sheep station in English:

sheep station


NZ, Australian
  • A very large sheep farm.

    ‘they moved to Muntham, a sheep station of 57,300 acres on the Wannon River’
    • ‘On the way, he picked up work on sheep stations.’
    • ‘It owes its beginnings to the man who ran New Zealand's first sheep station.’
    • ‘Prince Harry is off to spend a few weeks on a sheep station, location unknown.’
    • ‘He was sent to Australia, where he worked on a sheep station.’
    • ‘It has been described as the loneliest sheep station in New Zealand.’
    • ‘He was also a successful businessman, buying land and stock and forming sheep stations.’
    • ‘Outback House features 16 modern day Australians re-enacting life on an 1860s sheep station.’
    • ‘He patented a shearing machine and acquired a large sheep station where he pioneered its use.’
    • ‘I mean we're not playing for sheep stations you know, we're just out there to have a bit of fun.’
    • ‘Like most free immigrants, he went to the outback and set up a sheep station.’