Definition of sheep laurel in English:

sheep laurel


  • A North American kalmia which is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental.

    Kalmia angustifolia, family Ericaceae

    • ‘The shrub layer includes lowbush blueberry, black huckleberry, dangleberry, staggerbush, inkberry and sheep laurel.’
    • ‘Woody shrubs adapted to nutrient poor conditions, such as leather leaf and sheep laurel, begin to appear.’
    • ‘There is a lot of mountain laurel and sheep laurel here and the trail is often narrow, squeezed between full sides of these species.’
    • ‘Joining these trees are well-adapted blueberry, huckleberry, and sheep laurel, as well as a variety of mosses.’
    • ‘The flowers of sheep laurel and bog laurel are pink, and rhodora are purple, and none form a distinct ball of white flowers, like Labrador tea.’