Definition of shedhand in English:



Australian, NZ
  • A labourer employed to do unskilled work in a shearing shed.

    • ‘I got a young shedhand to have a few drinks with him and tell him he was waiting for a shed to start.’
    • ‘Once the shearer has taken the wool off the sheep, the shedhand gathers it up and throws it on a special table so that it lies flat to enable the lower-grade portions of the fleece to be removed.’
    • ‘For the next 12 years he published Shearing, a magazine for shearers and shedhands.’
    • ‘From 1990 until 1995 Andrew worked in the Coolah, Dunedoo and Dubbo districts as a station hand with a period in the Guyra district as a shedhand.’
    • ‘Visitors meet the shearers, shedhands, sheep and dogs who work in the shearing and wool industries.’
    • ‘A shearing gang comprises of four shearers, two or three shedhands and a presser.’
    • ‘He even questions whether the farmer should supply the sheep, and provide shearers and shedhands with basic amenities, like clean water and accommodation.’
    • ‘The experience is interactive, educational, entertaining and fun as visitors meet the shearers, shedhands, sheep and dogs that work in the shearing and wool industry.’
    • ‘He was an immensely strong man who worked as a scrubcutter and shedhand at Awhea Station for many years in the period around World War I.’
    • ‘The machines are humming again, the shedhands begin to sing and some of the weariness falls away.’