Definition of sheathless in English:



  • See sheath

    • ‘We developed a new sheathless technique for percutaneous intraaortic balloon catheter insertion which reduces the effective catheter diameter.’
    • ‘Such a floppy, sheathless notochord cannot push effectively on the surrounding embryonic tissues, but rather folds up like a wet noodle as it elongates relative to the surrounding embryo.’
    • ‘The methods used to maintain these connections can be divided in two general categories: sheath-flow interfaces and sheathless interfaces.’
    • ‘A variety of tip shapes and conducting coatings were evaluated using an electrospray time-of-flight mass spectrometer run in the sheathless mode.’
    • ‘The results support a hypothesis of multiple gains and/or losses of nitrogen-fixation abilities among the sheathless, unicellular cyanobacteria.’