Definition of sheatfish in English:



  • another term for wels
    • ‘That is why on channels and streams, one usually fishes for sheatfish, carp, perch, bream, crucian, etc.’
    • ‘The large sheatfish is also being reintroduced and the watery environment is being restored.’
    • ‘The largest predatory fish of the region, the sheatfish, is not common in the water bodies of Zarasai; only about 10 water bodies of the region, including Vencavai, contain this kind of fish.’
    • ‘The ichthyofauna is represented by over 160 species of fish (mackerels, pikes, pike perches, carps, sheatfishes, crucian carps), the sturgeons (white sturgeons, stor sturgeons, common sturgeons, starlets) being the most appreciated as the caviar is considered to be a culinary dainty.’
    • ‘We saw anglers in the welcome shade of the willows fishing for sheatfishes.’


Late 16th century: from an alteration of sheath + fish.