Definition of shearing shed in English:

shearing shed


NZ, Australian
  • A building in which sheep are shorn and the wool is processed and packed.

    ‘on the days when we weren't mustering, we worked in the shearing shed’
    • ‘There was a wild dog under the shearing shed.’
    • ‘The old shearing shed across the track continues to battle the ravages of time.’
    • ‘She quickly learned not to wear high heels in a shearing shed.’
    • ‘The plant in the shearing sheds was powered by petrol engines.’
    • ‘There is a shearing team in the shearing quarters now, and sheep are being shorn in the shearing shed.’
    • ‘The building of shearing sheds would boost wool growing.’
    • ‘Outside the museum is a model of a shearing shed from the colonial period.’
    • ‘Through the window, the old shearing shed stands in the distance.’
    • ‘One great advance was the use of electricity in the shearing shed instead of the noisy motor.’
    • ‘Shearing sheds stand abandoned most of the time.’