Definition of shearing board in English:

shearing board


NZ, Australian
  • The part of the floor of a shearing shed where the shearers work.

    ‘the board hand is constantly sweeping the shearing board clean of odd bits of wool’
    • ‘A hard broom is used to assist in the removal of grease, especially on the shearing board.’
    • ‘I was to stand on the shearing board in the woolshed and shake hands with dignitaries.’
    • ‘The shearing board should be kept free of locks and must be swept after each animal is shorn.’
    • ‘At the end of the long shearing board stood what sounded like a gasoline-driven engine.’
    • ‘Double swing doors lead to the shearing board.’
    • ‘A considerable proportion of our flock appeared on the shearing-board with bellies bare of wool.’
    • ‘The area of the shearing board is 20 feet by 9 feet.’
    • ‘He grabbed the shears and pulled one of the lambs onto the shearing board.’
    • ‘A big Merino ram kicked all over the shearing board.’
    • ‘It was an old place and the shearing board was outside the original stone barn.’