Definition of shearers' hut in English:

shearers' hut

(also shearers' quarters)


  • Temporary accommodation provided for shearers during their employment on a sheep station.

    ‘it's a sheep station with shearers' huts that are like four-star accommodation inside’
    • ‘He came down the drive to tell us the shearers' hut had burnt down.’
    • ‘There's twenty or thirty chaps of the right sort in the shearers' hut.’
    • ‘The shearers' quarters had seemed the obvious place for him to move into.’
    • ‘Our original domicile was again moved, and became part of the shearers' hut.’
    • ‘Even where the homestead was still comparatively primitive it was still far from the insect-ridden shearers' hut.’
    • ‘They watched him ride up the valley past the shearers' hut.’
    • ‘Simply being the brother of an All Black was enough to obtain tea and a bunk in a shearers' hut.’
    • ‘Station owners had begun to invest in tourism, converting shearers' quarters to paddocks for city dwellers.’
    • ‘Can you picture to yourself the scene that night in the shearers' hut?’
    • ‘About a quarter of a mile from the woolshed was the shearers' hut.’