Definition of shearers' cook in English:

shearers' cook


  • A person employed on a sheep station during the shearing season to prepare meals for the shearers.

    ‘the dog was exhausted, and I asked the shearers' cook for scraps’
    • ‘The shearers' cook saw the animal was a ram and refused to accept it.’
    • ‘He survived a period as a shearers' cook with only two stand-up fights.’
    • ‘There was a fight between the shearers' cook and his assistant.’
    • ‘He bought the bus from a shearer's cook, who'd travelled in it from farm to station to farm station.’
    • ‘Not even a shearers' cook could keep these boys sated.’
    • ‘The shearers' cook is a recognisable character in Australian literature and folklore.’
    • ‘The shearers' cooks lived tough and usually poor lives.’
    • ‘The job of shearer's cook is scary, as these shearers are very demanding when it comes to their food.’
    • ‘There could be friction between the station cook and the shearers' cook.’
    • ‘The man who earned the most money of all on the station was the shearers' cook.’