Definition of sheading in English:



  • Each of the six administrative divisions of the Isle of Man.

    • ‘The need of this division, according to Young, was to give three parishes to each of the newly formed southern sheadings in the 14th Century.’
    • ‘Parish churches were established with three in each of the six sheadings (literally: sixths, with division into threes of the two sides, Northside and Southside, of Man), and within the parishes the taxation districts or treens were established.’
    • ‘For hundreds of years, the Isle of Man has been divided into six sheadings, which in turn were subdivided into seventeen parishes.’
    • ‘As well as sheadings, the island was sectioned into 17 parishes, each having a patron saint from which it got its name.’
    • ‘The grounds are laid out to reflect the sheadings of the island.’


Late 16th century: variant of shedding (see shed).