Definition of shaving cream in English:

shaving cream

(British shaving foam)


mass noun
  • A frothy cosmetic cream applied to the skin before shaving with a razor.

    ‘his face was covered in shaving cream’
    count noun ‘most shaving creams contain a little moisturiser’
    • ‘It has already launched body sprays and body washes and has licensed sales of razors and shaving cream.’
    • ‘Scott pulled out his razor and shaving cream and set to work on covering his chin.’
    • ‘I am never using that shaving foam again.’
    • ‘A small spot of shaving cream remains poised on his neck.’
    • ‘His best friend opens the front-door with his face covered in shaving foam and wearing Dobbs's pyjama bottoms.’
    • ‘If you are designing a web site about razor blades and shaving cream for men, the site should have a masculine feel to it.’
    • ‘He lathers his face up with shaving foam.’
    • ‘He'd run out of shaving cream a few days earlier.’
    • ‘By the time she woke up, she had shaving cream on part of her face, a marker moustache, and a very unhappy expression on her face.’
    • ‘His shirt was on backwards and he still had shaving cream on his face.’