Definition of shaving in English:



  • 1A thin strip cut off a surface:

    ‘she brushed wood shavings from her knees’
    • ‘A thin layer of shavings goes on the mats each day to soak up excess moisture.’
    • ‘It also contained a large polythene bag of shavings through which were visible vast, looming rhizomes, dark brown, with filaments.’
    • ‘Top this with the freshest shavings and curls of golden Parmesan and some extra herbs, and those flavours just sing out.’
    • ‘The speck was sliced into the thinnest of shavings ever to be seen.’
    • ‘I was a real, live guinea pig, ready to be flung into my very own jungle gym of plastic tubes and shavings.’
    • ‘Engraving will produce small shavings of your base material and they might scratch the surface when moving your hand back and forth.’
    • ‘Just before serving, whisk again and sprinkle a few Parmesan shavings on the surface.’
    • ‘This allows the use of a clean cut for each chamber with no metal shavings to scratch the surface.’
    • ‘Black fruits, pencil shavings, liquorice, sparky acidity and assertive tannins combine for a satisfying mouthful.’
    • ‘Pare the remaining piece of Parmesan into fine shavings.’
    • ‘Piles of coal dust or wood shavings are scattered all over the compound to collect cat litter.’
    • ‘Beware using manure from horses bedded on wood shavings - while the shavings will rot down eventually, it can take many months.’
    • ‘Crisps are crispy thin shavings of deep fried potato.’
    • ‘Even the cheapest Chardonnay, they said, needed its requisite shavings before it would sell.’
    • ‘The girls used pencils, wood shavings, plaster, fabric and pencil shavings for this design.’
    • ‘There's a clock ticking somewhere, slicing tiny shavings from your day, your week, your month, your year, your life.’
    • ‘We began with a pan-fried duck foie gras, perfumed with raspberry vinegar and thin sliced pears and Parmesan shavings.’
    • ‘As her desire for a White Christmas grows, the shavings of snow form into larger flakes that settle on her coat, making her cold but cheerful.’
    • ‘My head drooped toward my work table until it rested among the metal shavings and thin blades.’
    • ‘Aspen shavings, crushed corn-cob, hardwood chip and shredded paper bedding are used to keep the mouse homes dry and tidy.’
  • 2[mass noun] The action of shaving:

    [as modifier] ‘shaving foam’
    • ‘In my dream, I got angry: hey, shaving was a metaphor, bub.’
    • ‘Tonight, being Halloween, is one of those nights when you can be glad if you live in a flat and the kids can't get to your front door to spray shaving foam through your letterbox.’
    • ‘A whole host of details are suddenly obvious, such as the quality of shaving materials available to the cast.’
    • ‘Exactly when I started shaving has slipped my mind, but it was in my early teens, so I've been doing it for close to a quarter century.’
    • ‘Then I remembered American shaving foam have a very strong mint feeling and I am not used to that.’
    • ‘Remember that the downside of shaving is stubble.’
    • ‘Leave hard-to-shave spots, like knees and ankles, until the end so they soak up as much shaving cream as possible.’
    • ‘In these circumstances, shaving has nothing to do with personal satisfaction, but everything to do with our aesthetic preferences.’
    • ‘But I looked up at him, and caught myself staring at his hands, still lathering and removing excess shaving cream, and preparing his razor to remove it.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this isn't very much shaving cream.’
    • ‘I was ordered to do all my bathing and shaving and other ablutions upstairs in the most distant bathroom.’
    • ‘The saloon uses disposable equipment, sterilised grooming kits, neck capes, imported disposable shaving kits and offers shower facilities.’
    • ‘To me, it's easy to recognize one of the fundamental reasons why hair cutting and shaving was sexualized: through religion, the great subversive architect of kink.’
    • ‘I don't know what other shaving bloggers think, but I've found that simply changing the blade on my razor frequently is the easiest route to getting a close shave.’
    • ‘The great thing about this shaving solution is that you can actually see what you're doing while using it.’
    • ‘Being a bloke has many perks, but shaving is not one of them.’
    • ‘Attire is simple - your favorite pajamas - and there is no shaving, waxing or plucking required.’
    • ‘The fun/horror begins when the customer who presents himself for shaving is none other than the smooth monster who tortured Ivanov.’
    • ‘Messages of congratulation are written in shaving gel across the bathroom mirror.’
    • ‘It appears Tom is on a mission to shave the world and with his determination and commitment, it looks like he's well on the way to achieving his goal of taking the pain out of shaving for all humankind!’