Definition of shave ice in English:

shave ice


mass nounUS
  • (in Hawaii) a dessert consisting of very thin shavings of ice flavoured with syrup or other sweet ingredients.

    ‘this place has the best shave ice on the island’
    count noun ‘a shave ice with melon, cherry, and passion fruit syrup’
    • ‘He also took his daughters to the movies and treated them to shave ice.’
    • ‘The president-elect offered to buy shave ice for the entire pool.’
    • ‘Slow drive out to Paia where I got grape shave ice and sat on the beach.’
    • ‘During summer months you can also get a good shave ice here.’
    • ‘The shave ice shop rented space from him before he bought it.’
    • ‘No visit to Hawaii is complete without an afternoon shave ice.’
    • ‘Although shave ice resembles a snow cone, the ice is finely textured rather than crushed.’
    • ‘Customers ordered cups of shave ice drizzled with syrup in flavors like blue fruit punch or coconut.’
    • ‘Locals order shave ice with ice cream and adzuki, Japanese sweet beans.’
    • ‘It was the fluffiest of all the shave ices we had tried.’