Definition of shastra in English:


(also sastra)


  • (in Hinduism and some forms of Buddhism) a work of sacred scripture.

    • ‘The Vedas and shastras are many, but life is very short.’
    • ‘During his study of the sastras he became convinced about the inherent weakness in the Advaita philosophy and developed a keen desire to revive the theistic science of Vedas with his own thorough reinterpretation of the texts.’
    • ‘I told Swami that I had come to learn shastras under his tutelage.’
    • ‘The dharma shastras discuss at some length the issue of unworthy or even dangerous guests, yet advising that no matter what the circumstances, the visitor should at least receive food.’
    • ‘Neither shastras nor smritis suggest that there exists an immutable, universal moral doctrine.’


From Sanskrit śāstra.