Definition of shashlik in English:



  • (in Asia and eastern Europe) a mutton kebab.

    • ‘We ordered a pork shashlik, grilled zargan fish and grilled blue fish.’
    • ‘The pork cutlets also looked good, although the shashlik I ordered was strangely cold.’
    • ‘Millions of acres are burnt every year in this place because somebody has gone out to have a fire and cook their shashlik (meat kebab).’
    • ‘My enormous vegetable dish only cost 3.40 leva, while the shashlik was six leva and the spicy potatoes were 1.80 leva.’
    • ‘But they also have an extensive variety of salads and typical Bulgarian cuisine, which sometimes requires theatrical input from the serving staff when it comes to the enormous shashliks.’


From Russian shashlyk, based on Turkish şiş ‘spit, skewer’; compare with shish kebab.