Definition of sharp practice in English:

sharp practice


  • [mass noun] Dishonest or barely honest dealings:

    ‘any kind of sharp practice will ruin a barrister's career’
    • ‘Politicians should have more regard for the complexity they conjure up with each new wave of legislation, which creates a breeding ground for fraud and sharp practice.’
    • ‘A requirement of form deters sharp practice and fraud whilst encouraging the desirable elements of a seriously intended, voluntary agreement.’
    • ‘The Yanks lecture the world on good election process, yet let ballot design, voting procedure and counting power be controlled by the equivalent of local councils - a recipe for electoral corruption and sharp practice.’
    • ‘He has been pinned by the dishonesty and sharp practice apparently rife in the Queensland branch.’
    • ‘What these people did wasn't sharp practice, it was criminal.’
    trickery, chicanery, deception, deceit, deceitfulness, duplicity, dishonesty, unscrupulousness, underhandedness, subterfuge, fraud, fraudulence, legerdemain, sophistry, skulduggery, swindling, cheating, duping, hoodwinking
    deviousness, guile, intrigue, craft, craftiness, artfulness, slyness, wiles
    misleading talk
    crookedness, monkey business, funny business, hanky-panky, shenanigans, flimflam
    management, knavery
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