Definition of sharp-edged in English:



  • 1Having a sharp edge or edges.

    ‘sharp-edged weapons’
    • ‘The Maya collected and carved flint using the pointed tips of deer antler to chip out sharp-edged, anthropomorphic figures.’
    • ‘A silhouette only works as a portrait when its outlines are sharp-edged.’
    • ‘Nikolas smiled, and picked up a gold, sharp-edged letter opener, studying it in the sunlight.’
    • ‘Incisors are the squarish, sharp-edged teeth in the front of the mouth.’
    • ‘Carve the inside using a melon baller or a small sharp-edged spoon, reserving the flesh.’
    • ‘To our left was an alpine glacier dominated by sharp-edged icy pinnacles and to our right were walls of soaring rock.’
    • ‘The devotees walk on coals without suffering burns and pierce their bodies with sharp-edged iron rods.’
    • ‘They were armed with rifles, swords and sharp-edged weapons.’
    • ‘The sharp-edged steel and concrete I saw the night before looks almost beautiful underneath its crown of clouds.’
    • ‘They lash about dangerously with their tails, which are covered with sharp-edged scales.’
    • ‘Slopes and ditches may also be lined with flints, broken glass, agricultural harrows, and similar pointed or sharp-edged objects.’
    • ‘Now unsafe to drive on, it's been replaced by a sharp-edged white concrete ford which looks very square in the water.’
    • ‘Sharp-edged geometry and lush abundance - seemingly contradictory elements - share common ground in Kim's garden.’
    • ‘For bee stings, begin by using a clean sharp-edged instrument, like a knife, to scrape out the stinger.’
    keen, razor-sharp, razor-edged
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    1. 1.1 (of words) critical or cutting.
      ‘sharp-edged satire’
      • ‘The opposing attorneys attack with sharp-edged questions, looking for an opening that will allow them to score an evidentiary point.’
      • ‘Maybe in her depression over this loss she's a little more sharp-edged than usual.’
      • ‘The dialogue is characteristically sharp-edged and forthright, but too much is left unsaid as to why characters act as they do.’
      • ‘In their eagerness to turn their business dreams into reality, even the most ardent devotees of the truth might be tempted to round off the corners of a few sharp-edged facts or omit a piece of unfavorable data.’
      • ‘Presumably concerned about how his sharp-edged words might appear in print, Clark offered helpful stage directions.’
      • ‘It is often thought that moral questions are inherently fuzzy and uncertain while factual questions are concrete and sharp-edged.’
      • ‘Although the script delivers sharp-edged dialogue, the movie fails to integrate the supposed cultural conflicts of a cockney colloquial in sun bleached California.’
      • ‘A younger son of an ancient Tory house, he was intellectual, withdrawn and unsociable, seriously high church, sharp-edged in political controversy.’
      • ‘Thanks to his sharp-edged radicalism and unique poetic gifts, Dylan refreshed the protest genre and helped it reach a new mass audience.’
      • ‘The new film begins with the former history professor in hospital facing a terminal illness with his customary sharp-edged humour.’