Definition of sharkskin in English:



mass noun
  • 1The rough scaly skin of a shark, sometimes used as shagreen.

    • ‘It is covered by a layer of tiny, bony tubercles, similar to that of sharkskin in appearance and feel.’
    • ‘I long to own a sword of my own, with handgrips made of sharkskin and a blade that I have sharpened to a point where it could cut through this cherry blossom tree in two swipes of the blade.’
    • ‘She has created an artificial sharkskin that mimics natural sharkskin's innate resistance to biofouling.’
    • ‘All Papa's dress shoes were made of black sharkskin.’
    • ‘The holsters are hand-stitched using the finest leather, horsehide, cowhide, sharkskin and exotics like ostrich and stingray.’
    • ‘Well I think the most remarkable thing, when you get up really close to them and feel them, is they do have, as we've said, a feel that's somewhat similar to a sharkskin.’
    • ‘You can marvel at an exquisite sharkskin and ivory chest of drawers shaped like a woman's torso.’
    • ‘This one is extra-cool because it's made from brown-dyed sharkskin with a decorative stingray hide trim across the top.’
    • ‘The textured fabric mimics the drag-cheating efficiency of sharkskin.’
    • ‘That talking… it was like a steam boiler leaking, a tesla coil snapping, sandpaper on sharkskin, a catfight and other noises.’
    • ‘The hilt of the rapier was unadorned, wrapped with plain sharkskin, like so many weapons were that are from seaside towns.’
    • ‘The hilt was gold and intricately wrought; the handle was carefully wrapped in sharkskin.’
    • ‘Right-hand models in black cowhide or sharkskin are stocked for immediate delivery; left-hand versions and other leather colors are available on special order.’
    1. 1.1 A stiff, slightly lustrous synthetic fabric.
      as modifier ‘his sharkskin suit’
      • ‘But no, it was an exquisitely tailored blue sharkskin sports coat that was made for a man at least seven foot tall, and as big around as a beer keg.’
      • ‘Man, those narrow-lapelled sharkskin suits, that felling left and that slaughterhouse right, and that scowl: his badness transcended race.’
      • ‘A sharkskin hilt with a silk thread wrap gives a firm hold with a plush feel.’
      • ‘Menswear bargains include 50 per cent off a Fraser suede blazer at £125, and a Richard James grey sharkskin single-breasted suit at £300.’
      • ‘For all his sharkskin suits and his finger-snapping, MacGregor suggests Gig Young more than Rock Hudson, never mind Cary Grant.’
      • ‘Why the deformed and hairy monster can go on to become the slicked down lounge lizard in the sharkskin suit is never given any sort of explanation or reason to accept.’
      • ‘The new suits are said to even more closely mimic the sharkskin that first inspired the original suits and also combine Speedo's latest innovations in hydrodynamics, with fewer seams and different prints on different parts of the body.’
      • ‘He reports that the cost of his artificial sharkskin is similar to that of commonly used antifouling paints, though a method of applying the skin to ship hulls remains a lingering technical hurdle.’
      • ‘Construction is in three layers - a stiff layer of thermoplastic, a suede lining and sharkskin exterior, all laminated together.’
      • ‘By the way, Kramer's sharkskin belts are superb, so if you pick up a rig, get a belt as well.’
      • ‘He had a sharkskin suit with matching hat and had a dark eye amulet around his neck.’
      • ‘No, the only area where you can guarantee that one of the slimier branches of jurisprudence would swoop down with tort settlements glistening in their eyes like a sharkskin suit would be agriculture - specifically livestock producers.’
      • ‘In walked Ossian, dressed in a sharkskin, pinstripe suit.’