Definition of shark bait in English:

shark bait


mass noun
  • 1Food suspended in the sea to attract sharks for hunting or photography.

    ‘the boatman cut the engine and started throwing bloody entrails into the sea as shark bait’
    • ‘There were a couple of other fish but I could see that this amount of shark bait was not going to last long.’
    • ‘Many captains have created a niche business of half-day trips where customers troll for Spanish mackerel and bluefish, then use the catch as shark bait.’
    • ‘Threats to the species include incidental capture as bycatch in fishing nets, which in some parts of the range has turned into direct hunts for either human consumption or shark bait.’
    • ‘Manta rays are apparently declining in the Caribbean and in other tropical regions of the world's oceans, in part because they are captured for shark bait.’
    • ‘As late as the 1950s seals were killed for shark bait.’
    • ‘I like to fish for sharks and mackerel at the same time, using the mackerel I catch as shark bait.’
    • ‘This contained the fish that was to be used as shark bait.’
    • ‘Carol didn't believe in taking shark bait into the water, but the two other dive centres on the main island of Tikehau clearly did, which was why we got this reaction.’
    • ‘On the way back my friend asked if all the fish were edible and the answer was "not really" and they informed us that they were too oily and bloody and were better for shark bait.’
    • ‘As many as 10,000 dolphins are slaughtered off the coast each year solely for shark bait.’
    1. 1.1NZ, Australian informal A person who swims alone or well out from the shore.
      ‘the waters are quite shallow, allowing shark bait to wander out a good distance’
      • ‘How does a day turn from a healthy Acai bowl breakfast type of morning to potentially being shark bait in the afternoon?’
      • ‘Awakened and nursed back to health, the stranger can't remember anything about himself: not his name, not his background, not how he came to be shark bait.’
      • ‘Fear of becoming shark bait seems to be widespread among new divers.’
      • ‘People acted surprised that I could swim; they called me "shark bait" because of my white skin.’
      • ‘Five miles out from the wharf she would be shark bait.’
      • ‘You can swim there without running the risk of becoming shark bait.’
      • ‘Free divers are taking extreme sports to new depths, while ever mindful of not being shark bait.’
    2. 1.2informal A person who is vulnerable to being abused or taken advantage of.
      ‘we turn them into pure shark bait by removing the one protection they have’
      ‘she becomes shark bait for the high-profile lawyer’
      • ‘The law will change when the governor's kid becomes shark bait.’
      • ‘Come on dude, don't be shark bait; please get educated!’
      • ‘Fortunately or unfortunately, we're stuck this year watching the shark bait that is the Miami Dolphins.’
      • ‘He sometimes tells the story to high school students, and jokes that he could have easily ended up as shark bait because of the bad choices he made.’
      • ‘How do you avoid becoming shark bait?’
      • ‘If you don't have that DNA, you're kind of shark bait.’