Definition of shared ownership in English:

shared ownership


mass noun
  • (in Britain) a system by which the occupier of a dwelling buys a proportion of the property and pays rent on the remainder, typically to a local authority or housing association.

    • ‘The crux of this new system of housing is shared ownership, a realistic alternative to pure renting which ultimately allows for full ownership.’
    • ‘The development will provide housing for sale, shared ownership or social rent.’
    • ‘The bill would extend the right to buy to housing association tenants and expand shared ownership under which social housing tenants part buy and part rent their homes, she explained.’
    • ‘There is also bitter disagreement about the decision to build 100 per cent affordable housing on the site, with most homes being for rent and a small amount for shared ownership.’
    • ‘They include 90 ‘affordable’ units, 52 for rent and 38 shared ownership, instead of the 51 originally offered.’
    • ‘It is the largest number of shared ownership properties we have had in Epsom for some time and I am already getting a number of enquiries about it.’
    • ‘It is understood that officials will discuss all options with the council, including affordable housing, shared ownership and co-op housing schemes.’
    • ‘Where once there were insurance offices, there are now 208 flats for discounted or shared ownership, including 72 for discounted rent.’
    • ‘She states that 68 homes for discounted sale or shared ownership have been negotiated since a Housing Needs Survey in 2002 identified a shortfall of 954 affordable homes per year for the next five years.’
    • ‘Twenty-six of the homes will be available to rent and nine for shared ownership with the Housing Association.’
    • ‘It states that there must be between 25 per cent and 40 per cent affordable housing in all relevant schemes, including a mixture of shared ownership and rented accommodation.’
    • ‘Thirty-five per cent would be classed as affordable, of which 61 would be rented and 29 shared ownership.’
    • ‘As he understood it, individuals' equal land rights are not surrendered to the government in a common property system, but are preserved and given effect through shared ownership.’
    • ‘The key feature of the scheme is the number of homes provided for affordable rent, shared ownership and for key workers.’
    • ‘It voiced concern that local authorities often fail to recognise the benefits of making shared ownership part of the mix when considering new housing developments.’
    • ‘The district council is working with housing authorities to boost the provision of low-cost housing, for rent and shared ownership.’
    • ‘These schemes are small, often mixing rented housing with shared ownership, giving priority to local people when they are allocated.’
    • ‘There will also be a balance between private and social housing with 250 homes for sale and 250 homes for affordable rent and shared ownership.’
    • ‘The Act is remedial legislation, opening up a means of shared ownership not previously available, and as such, should be interpreted so as to best achieve its objects.’
    • ‘The new scheme will include a mix of shared ownership and rented accommodation.’