Definition of share-out in English:



  • An act of sharing something out, especially money.

    ‘the share-out of his estate among the family’
    • ‘Officials agree this year's scramble may be all the more unseemly as his fifth Budget will have more to do with apportioning a share-out of misery than the division of largesse.’
    • ‘The revolt began as a protest against a share-out of Executive funds to local government which Labour councils in the poorer areas of Scotland said was unfair.’
    • ‘There was also an improvement in satisfaction in the share-out of housework and childcare.’
    • ‘Perhaps modesty prevents her adding that she was the biggest winner in last summer's share-out of additional funds.’
    • ‘It is believed the Rugby Football League are to waive a ruling which states only full members of the league are allowed share-outs of league funds.’
    • ‘The share-out should be based on contributory years to the scheme rather than pensioners having first right to the capital, even if they have paid in for fewer years than current workers.’
    • ‘He did not intend to be excluded from any further share-out.’
    • ‘Previous share-outs of public spending have left Scottish transport trailing the investment going to English rail and roads.’
    • ‘The long-awaited share-out of the large estates among peasants was postponed until the Constituent Assembly was in being.’
    • ‘Scotland is partly setting an example, but it is also fuelling a sense that the English regions are doing poorly in the share-out of Whitehall's resources.’
    • ‘The excuse of national legitimacy gave way to a clan logic of the brigands' share-out of the African booty.’
    • ‘When I saw the share-out of the television money alone it made me realise more than ever how important it is to get promotion.’
    • ‘It is inconceivable, as the debate would have been mired in trying to find a needs-assessed share-out of funds.’
    • ‘The share-out of the cash would almost certainly be based on the performance of parties at the previous general election, with a threshold before you got anything.’
    • ‘But the overall funding rises, against a national inflation rate of 2.3 per cent, masked big differences in the detailed share-out among Yorkshire councils.’
    • ‘George's intention was not to abolish private property but to coordinate the share-out of land and natural resources that belong to all.’
    • ‘Environmentalists protested but neither the regional assembly nor the local authorities objected although the share-out of the extra house-building was not spelt out at that stage.’
    • ‘The major share-out of remaining places has already begun, he said.’
    • ‘Of critical importance for negotiating the share-out of the union's overall financial package is the size of the cake.’
    • ‘On the day, the attendance was a mere 27,000 and after deductions were made, the share-out among the four semi-finalists was minimal.’
    allocate, assign, issue, award, grant, administer, devote
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