Definition of Shar Pei in English:

Shar Pei

nounPlural Shar Peis

  • A compact squarely built dog of a breed of Chinese origin, with a characteristic wrinkly skin and short bristly coat of a fawn, cream, black, or red colour.

    • ‘For connoisseurs of uncommon canines, there's no dog more fascinating than the Chinese Shar Pei.’
    • ‘Many Chinese Shar Peis are dominant or aggressive toward other dogs, especially of the same sex.’
    • ‘Do Shar Peis have a lot of health problems?’
    • ‘The sire was a Shar Pei and was not a Pug, as we had been told.’
    • ‘Well-socialised Shar Pei make superb family dogs who are devoted to their owners and children.’


From Chinese shā pí, literally ‘sand skin’.


Shar Pei

/ʃɑː ˈpeɪ/