Definition of shapeless in English:



  • (especially of a garment) lacking a distinctive or attractive shape.

    ‘she wore a shapeless frock and no make-up’
    • ‘Emma's miniskirt formed an incongruous addition to this parade of shapeless sack dresses, zip off trousers and sandals.’
    • ‘A heavyset woman in the rough shapeless dress of a common country woman came out of the house as they approached, looking rather taken aback by them all.’
    • ‘In the salty dark, we're moved by some shapeless desire-no barracuda lust for flesh, no migratory edict driving us to thrash and leap upstream.’
    • ‘Culture is, of course, yet another of those large, baggy, rather shapeless words which this story keeps stumbling over.’
    • ‘Dull, padded beige jackets and shapeless viscose dresses will go, in favour of the sheepskin gilets and long woollen cardigans sported by the rest of the high street.’
    • ‘She too was dressed in animal skins, a short dress which showed off the outline of her body in a way the shapeless dresses she had worn in the Village never could.’
    • ‘Her clothing was shapeless and indistinct, a dark covering that did little more than drape over her shoulders.’
    • ‘For Sigmund Freud, childhood was a paradox in that one's identity emerges at the very time when one's morals and emotions are shapeless.’
    • ‘Her body was also shapeless, hidden under a long dress.’
    • ‘He was still in his work clothes, namely, shapeless trousers and a rugby top that all the staff, male and female, had to wear.’
    • ‘She was almost embarrassed by the plain, shapeless white dress she wore.’
    • ‘Laid out on the bed was a long sleeved, shapeless, faded black dress with patches at the bottom.’
    • ‘In addition there was a fellow in a brown bowler hat, another in a shapeless cloth cap with a peak, and both added their encouragements, turning to Waistcoat in a laconic collusion.’
    • ‘It was shapeless and somewhat distorted (thanks to the relentless sun's rays), yet it was highly visible.’
    • ‘The new download world will hopefully see an end to those shapeless 20-track CD monsters that seemed to equate quality with amount, as if you weigh music by the kilo.’
    • ‘Ferran has cropped the images and displayed the women anonymously: shapeless, uniformed midsections reflecting stolen identities.’
    • ‘The youngest was skinny and shapeless in a flowery dress.’
    • ‘I myself wore a shapeless dress that appeared to be yellowing with age, but was actually intended to be that colour.’
    • ‘Russia is no longer the land of shapeless shifts and ill-fitting polyester shirts.’
    • ‘She was wearing the most shapeless bag of a dress, more of a cloth sack, actually, and was pressing her books to her chest, humming as she walked to school.’
    formless, amorphous, unformed, indefinite, nebulous
    baggy, badly cut, sack-like, tent-like, oversized, boyfriend, sagging, saggy, slouchy, ill-fitting, ill-proportioned, inelegant, unshapely, formless
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