Definition of shaped charge in English:

shaped charge


  • An explosive charge with a cavity which causes the blast to be concentrated into a small area.

    • ‘The shaped charge of an RPG explosive warhead is designed to shoot a rapier-like jet of hot copper into the target, invariably resulting in loss of life and the probable destruction of the armoured vehicle or tank.’
    • ‘Troy grimly thumbed the detonator as a trio of eager gunrunners raced forward with what looked like shaped charges of plastique.’
    • ‘The reinforcement provides protection against multiple strike, kinetic energy rounds and shaped charges.’
    • ‘The bombs feature shaped charges, which penetrate armour by focusing explosive power in a single direction and by firing a metal projectile embedded in the device into the target at high speed.’
    • ‘A small disrupter charge detonates the reactive armour and allows the main shaped charge to penetrate the main armour.’
    • ‘Most HEAT warheads are relatively thin-walled, being essentially carriers for shaped charges.’
    • ‘With that much velocity you don't need shaped charges or complex designs.’
    • ‘Antitank mines can attack armored vehicles through shaped charges aimed at the underside of the vehicle, blast effects to blow off a tire or track, or using advanced technology with off-route types.’
    • ‘The size of a soup bowl, the warhead uses a shaped charge to transform a copper plate into fragments, a shuttlecock-shaped slug or a rod that can penetrate several inches of high carbon steel.’
    • ‘‘The officials say the shipment contained dozens of shaped charges manufactured recently,’ Miklaszewski said.’
    • ‘The tandem warhead is fitted with two shaped charges: a precursor warhead to initiate explosive reactive armour and a main warhead to penetrate base armour.’
    • ‘Taking a quick look around she smiled; the shaped charge had taken out lockers and some electrical conduits, but nothing major.’
    • ‘The claim that a plutonium bomb, with shaped charges and digital timers and the precise machining of the plutonium sphere, is ‘much easier’ is questionable.’
    • ‘Adair and Kinley worked together to refine the technique of using directional explosives, eventually producing the shaped charges that became known as Adair's flying saucers.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the demolitions team set shaped charges at strategic places on the bulkhead adjacent to the service corridor.’
    • ‘And insurgents are adapting, building bigger bombs with sophisticated shaped charges to increase their lethality.’
    • ‘Their proliferation of plastique explosives, shaped charges, and remote detonation just aren't enough!’
    • ‘‘It doesn't have shaped charges and there's no dual charge in it, which is the common misconception,’ she said.’
    • ‘These changes reflect the development of ever more powerful antitank weapons - depleted uranium rods and so-called shaped charges (explosives configured to create a jet of hot metal that burns its way through armour).’
    • ‘It was hurled backward by the shaped charge of the shot, and reeled in the sky.’


shaped charge

/ˈʃeɪpt ˌtʃɑːdʒ/