Definition of shamiana in English:



  • A marquee.

    • ‘Anything from chairs and tables to utensils, lamps and shamianas are there for the asking, for a ‘small’ price.’
    • ‘In time the shamianas and tents were replaced by buildings - barracks for soldiers and quarters for officers and their families.’
    • ‘Since the hall can seat only about 2,000 guests, the land adjacent to the compound is also being taken on rent to put up shamianas.’
    • ‘Heat, dust and rusty autorickshaws that await the tourist who decides to venture on a local sightseeing are all just part of the show; so are the shamianas erected by the side of the wharf and people selling handicrafts.’
    • ‘One viewer complained that a few select stands had all the facilities: shamianas and carpets and flower pots and bottled drinks on ice.’


Via Urdu from Persian shāmiyāna.