Definition of shamelessness in English:



  • See shameless

    • ‘The culture of blame and victimhood, the vulgarity and shamelessness, the sheer sentimentality of British life - these he finds to be at fault.’
    • ‘Paul gave evidence of my promiscuity and of my shamelessness in seducing him away from his betrothed for the satisfaction of my base lustful cravings.’
    • ‘As the postscript to ‘Curry, Cricket, and Cramps’ suggests, shamelessness is a function of the narrative act itself; it is the willingness to speak about what is ‘not publicly-aired enough.’’
    • ‘The shamelessness of his self-observation deserves to be called scientific.’
    • ‘It would mean untangling the strains of triumphalism that run through American culture, from the way we celebrate victories on the sports field to the festivals of public shamelessness and humiliation visible on ‘reality’ TV shows.’