Definition of shame job in English:

shame job


  • An action or situation that causes embarrassment.

    ‘it was a shame job in those days to have two children before you were married’
    • ‘To fail in his rehabilitation efforts would be to disappoint his boss, and Freddie's pride would not permit it. It would be a 'shame job'.’
    • ‘To some it doesn't matter; to others it's a shame job.’
    • ‘This has been a vindictive action by certain people and it is a huge shame job on those people.’
    • ‘We had a certain standard to aspire to and it would've been a shame job if we couldn't achieve it’
    • ‘The Government doesn't want this shame job to continue, and the industry is desperate for these proposals to go ahead.’
    • ‘Our clients will often not want anyone present because it is a shame job.’
    • ‘The local young fellows call it a shame job in that he was humiliated and made to feel contrition.’
    • ‘A climate can be created in which achievement is regarded as a 'shame job.'’


1970s (originally Aboriginal English): from shame (in the adjective sense ‘self-conscious, embarrassed’) + job.