Definition of shallowly in English:



  • See shallow

    • ‘We might well have been guilty of thinking too shallowly, of gulping our facts and developing a taste for the bitter; but happy-go-lucky, laissez-faire and carefree is not how I remember it.’
    • ‘Planting too deeply will cause collar rot; planting too shallowly will expose the roots.’
    • ‘We will win our small victories, but then forget the sacrifices made to achieve them as we bathe our wounds in overly generous civil liberties and a materialistic capitalist balm that only shallowly soothes us.’
    • ‘Next, move the divisions to the prepared transplanting site and set the divisions shallowly, with buds no more than 1 to 2 inches below the soil surface.’
    • ‘The boy was shaking slightly, and gasping shallowly for air.’