Definition of Shakespearean in English:


(also Shakespearian)


  • Relating to or characteristic of William Shakespeare or his works.

    ‘the early Shakespearean plays’
    ‘an eminent Shakespearean actor’
    ‘there is an almost Shakespearean quality to the narrative’
    • ‘All the performances were excellent, and you couldn't fault the Shakespearean English.’
    • ‘The British gangster film has always housed the skeletons of Shakespearean tragedy within it.’
    • ‘Everything was like a kid's show, but the plot was sophisticated and Shakespearean, very lyrical.’
    • ‘Gags run the gamut from Shakespearean allusions to fart noises.’
    • ‘The situation with Roger is almost Shakespearean.’
    • ‘His shadow warrior is essentially a Shakespearean character.’
    • ‘This is a cut-rate tale of Shakespearean intrigue, shot "on the beaches of Staten Island" doubling for medieval England.’
    • ‘It just wasn't a good idea to shove such a square Shakespearean peg into the round hole of modern teens.’
    • ‘The men are 'blue collar guys' rather than Shakespearean men of honor.’
    • ‘In Shakespearean comedy, everybody gets married at the end.’


  • An expert on or student of Shakespeare's writings.

    ‘several Shakespeareans have reviewed the film’
    • ‘It is more like being able to define blank verse, and most Shakespeareans could not do that and do not need to.’
    • ‘Although Shakespeareans have been pleasantly surprised by the play, it hasn't been received with universal approval.’
    • ‘The Great Hall of the Middle Temple—not open to the general public—is a secular temple to Shakespeareans.’
    • ‘This excellent troupe of Shakespeareans seems to have an infallible touch.’
    • ‘This is not to say that there will be no great actors, no great verse speakers, no great Shakespeareans in future.’
    • ‘The audience included young and old, soap stars and Shakespeareans, household names and the hard to put a name to.’
    • ‘He had different points of comparison in mind, ones more stylish and specific than the usual vague appeal to the Shakespearean.’
    • ‘They have just released a recording with the cinematically ubiquitous film star and renowned Shakespearean.’
    • ‘We never see whether India ever really embraced the entertainment being offered by these British Shakespeareans.’
    • ‘The majority managed that fine balance between keeping the poetry and naturalness, which defeats so many would-be Shakespeareans.’