Definition of shaker in English:



  • 1with modifier A container used for mixing ingredients by shaking.

    ‘a cocktail shaker’
    • ‘Pour all into a shaker cup and strain into a chilled Martini glass garnished with a maraschino cherry.’
    • ‘Pour Absolut Mandrin and orange juice into a shaker filled with ice.’
    • ‘Put all ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice.’
    • ‘Pour all into shaker filled with ice and serve on the rocks, or steam the first two ingredients and add Chivas.’
    • ‘Shake vigorously with ice in a cocktail shaker, then pour straight into a rocks glass.’
    • ‘Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker, shake very well and strain into a chilled, white sugar-rimmed Martini glass.’
    • ‘He filled the shaker with ice, and poured the vermouth in first, letting it sit there for thirty seconds before shaking it and draining it into the ice bucket.’
    • ‘Combine all ingredients in shaker with ice and shake vigorously.’
    • ‘Put ingredients in cocktail shaker three quarters full of ice.’
    • ‘Her specialty is recycling old cabinets into display pieces for her ever-changing collections, which range from cocktail shakers to alarm clocks.’
    • ‘He knew bartenders who threw up their shakers over their shoulders, heaving them like they were toweling off after a shower.’
    • ‘The product is available in shaker jars, cups and bags ranging from 1 pound to 5 pounds.’
    • ‘He says that you pour the gin and vermouth over ice in a chilled shaker, then mix and strain quickly into a chilled martini glass.’
    • ‘Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with cubed ice.’
    • ‘A promotional feature of this drink is that the guest keeps a tin shaker; other cocktails provide glassware giveaways.’
    • ‘Shake all ingredients in a shaker cup filled with ice.’
    • ‘From the chrome and leather décor to the bartenders who will juggle cocktail shakers and slices of lime before you if you so much as ask for a tap water, it is clearly a club that is trying to impress.’
    • ‘Add to the lime juice in the shaker three measures of dark rum, a rounded teaspoon of sugar, and another handful of ice cubes.’
    • ‘Take one part business and pour it into a martini shaker.’
    • ‘Pour ingredients in order listed into shaker cup.’
    boaster, brag, bragger, show-off, blusterer, trumpeter, swaggerer, poser, poseur, poseuse, peacock, egotist, self-publicist
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    1. 1.1 A container with a pierced top from which a powdered substance such as flour or salt is poured by shaking.
      • ‘But when the salt is out of the shaker, it's hard to get it back in.’
      • ‘And you've got to appreciate a place that includes a shaker full of paprika alongside the salt and pepper on your table.’
      • ‘Mory gives him her famous glare and rolls the shaker towards him, sprinkling salt all over.’
      • ‘He loses the plot like a shaker of salt, vaguely wrapping up the con in the film's final moments.’
      • ‘I carry a small shaker of powdered ascorbic acid (vitamin C crystals) with me to flavor my water.’
      • ‘And realistically, even if you buy a shaker of salt or a bottle of chilli sauce while travelling it's going to be a hindrance and you'll probably just end up leaving it somewhere.’
      • ‘Dust powdered sugar (through a sieve or special powdered sugar shaker, if you have one) onto the top of the cake.’
      • ‘Neko eagerly reached for the sugar shaker and poured a hefty amount into his coffee.’
      • ‘Even if the shakers contained nothing but salt I would at least have the option of minimizing the amount used.’
      • ‘The best is a large salt shaker or a cheese shaker.’
  • 2A member of an American religious sect, the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming, established in England c.1750 and living simply in celibate mixed communities.

    • ‘More than two hundred years after this report the small, but continuing, United Society of Shakers lives, works and witnesses its faith together in Sabbathday Lake, Maine.’
    • ‘The Shakers were an American religious community that was founded in Britain and came to North America during the Revolutionary War.’
    • ‘While some Shakers made only enough boxes for their own needs, communities in Maine, New Hampshire, and New York produced thousands for sale to the outside world.’
    • ‘The Shakers, for example, is one religious group that required its members to be celibate: the only new Shakers came from recruitment.’
    • ‘This brought the second generation of Shakers closer to the teachings of their leader, Mother Ann Lee, thereby rejuvenating the sect.’
    • ‘But the exhibition also commemorates the many millenarian communities - like the Shakers - that once dotted the American landscape.’
    • ‘The Shakers have always believed that all individuals can witness the spirit of Christ.’
    • ‘As a devoutly religious people, the Shakers provide another element of a usable past in their gender-inclusive image of God.’
    • ‘Gathering together for reasons of safety, economy and mutual spiritual support, the Shakers established eleven communities before the end of the eighteenth century, all in New England.’
    • ‘Another case where dance appears in the context of religion surfaced on American soil in a Christian context at the end of the eighteenth century: the American Shakers.’
    • ‘The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, or Shakers, remain the longest-lived communal society in the United States.’
    • ‘The Shakers influenced American religion and culture to a degree beyond their numbers.’
    • ‘According to the state enumeration taken September 22, 1855, there were 77 Shakers in the Tyringham society.’
    • ‘During his last remaining week he was anxious to see a community of the much-talked of Shakers and thus proceeded to the town of Lebanon, New York.’
    • ‘This was also obvious in the communities established by the Quakers, Shakers and the Harmonists in the early 180Os in America who relied upon sophisticated systems of accounting.’
    • ‘It was passed through history by the Shaking Quakers, the Shakers, and that particular song is a call to simplicity, which is very interesting.’
    • ‘Aside from the many Christian movements from England and Europe that re-established themselves early in the nation's history, a few religious sects arose independently in the United States, including Mormons and Shakers.’
    • ‘The Shakers were one of many Christian sects who came from England and settled in America, searching for religious freedom in the 18th century.’
    • ‘An understanding of this may inform the lifestyle of some religious groups, such as the Shakers and the Amish.’
    • ‘Most scholarly literature on the Shakers concentrates on the communities established in the USA - strongest in the nineteenth century.’
    1. 2.1as modifier Denoting a style of elegantly functional furniture traditionally produced by Shaker communities.
      as modifier ‘a straight-backed Shaker chair’
      • ‘An archway leads through to the light-filled kitchen, a particularly stylish room with maple shaker units, a tiled splashback, a slate floor, and an integrated oven, hob and extractor fan.’
      • ‘It is fitted with maple shaker units and is bright and airy.’
      • ‘Features in the development include shaker style maple kitchen units with chrome fittings, co-ordinated wall tiling throughout the house and built-in wardrobes.’
      • ‘Back inside, the kitchen/breakfast room is fitted with maple shaker units along with granite worktops, terrazzo floors and built-in appliances.’
      • ‘There are three reception rooms on the ground floor, a large shaker style kitchen/family room, guest toilet and utility room.’
      • ‘Features include a Victorian-style fireplace in the lounge, shaker units in the kitchen, and a south-facing back garden with timber sundeck and garden shed.’
      • ‘Just off the living room is a fitted kitchen with shaker style units at floor and eye level.’
      • ‘By contrast the compact kitchen is modern in design with shaker style cherrywood units, a terracotta tiled floor, Stanley oil-fired range and other integrated appliances.’
      • ‘The living area includes a marble fireplace with slate hearth and gas fire as well as fitted shelving, while the kitchen is fitted with shaker style units, granite worktops and a range of stainless steel appliances.’