Definition of shakedown in English:



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  • 1

    ‘a major British monarchy shakedown’
    another term for shake-up
    • ‘But now that the shakedown has happened, we will see more strategically focused companies coming out on top.’
    • ‘As we frolic our way through Week Three, keep these helpful tips in mind; they'll get you through the madness before the shakedown.’
    • ‘Saying they smelled a shakedown, shareholders, who are usually wiped out in a bankruptcy, also jumped to its defense.’
    • ‘With all that's going on in the gaming industry at the moment, is the industry on its way to a big shakedown?’
    • ‘Section two looks at ecommerce and the effects of the market shakedown.’
    • ‘In other democracies you have cabinet shakedowns after periods of time, presidents reversing their positions from their campaigns or learning how to deal with the press.’
    • ‘Even if most Americans are not aware that subsidy shakedowns debilitate local budgets, they do know the names of the corporate buccaneers who have wrecked retirement plans and kicked the slats out of an already wobbly economy.’
    • ‘This shakedown sparked bitterness among stores struggling to survive; storeowners wondered if the city even wanted them.’
    • ‘No amount of reason or abuse would shake them from this shakedown.’
    • ‘I think the justice system did do what it should have done 10 years ago, and what we're finding here now is that it happened once, a shakedown took place once, and apparently, it might be the same accusation again.’
    • ‘It's going to have a shakedown one of these days.’
    • ‘In Great Britain he orchestrated the shakedown of the Bank of England in the fall of 1992, while pocketing profits of well over a billion dollars.’
    • ‘The market went through something of a shakedown as providers realised their initial promises were expensive to maintain as usage grew.’
    • ‘Why did such famous risk takers as Gates, Ellison, and Jobs put up with the Wall Street shakedown?’
    • ‘What you may see, as a result of this shakedown, is an end to the false house price inflation that we saw in some sections of the south Dublin market last year.’
    • ‘The novel was once so called because it was indeed something novel, but it's lasted, and I think, after a few shakedowns, the graphic novel, in whatever form, will do likewise.’
    • ‘It will focus on current trends in the industry, the international shakedown in the technology market and how financiers now view digital media investments.’
    • ‘Every show goes through those kinds of shakedowns… but Conan's has probably changed less than any of them.’
  • 2A thorough search of a person or place.

    ‘bureaucracy and shakedowns by the authorities are a constant hassle’
    • ‘The morning after their arrival, scouts and their leaders endure the shakedown, where their backpacks are inspected with drill sergeant thoroughness.’
    • ‘The cook must horde food without detection - particularly difficult when faced with daily inspections or shakedowns.’
    • ‘You stay locked in your cell 24-7 until the shakedown is over.’
    • ‘The prisoners lift makeshift weights, line up for shakedowns, showers and meals; they play at dominoes and pass the time.’
    • ‘By big margins they backed profiling and the carrying of identity cards, tighter security measures and shakedowns at airports, and were more willing than in the past to enlist and serve in the armed forces.’
  • 3An act of swindling someone or extorting money.

    ‘he had served time in federal prison for shakedowns on school construction projects in Alabama’
    • ‘A few turned to theft and shakedowns to support themselves.’
    • ‘The trio, who investigators reckon netted hundreds of thousands of pounds from the shakedowns, were picked up in a series of raids both in St Petersburg, and in the Saratov and Stavropol regions in southwest Russia.’
    • ‘The goons, the oilmen, the shakedown and the cover-up.’
    • ‘The National School Safety Center estimates that more than 525,000 attacks, shakedowns, and robberies occur per month in public secondary schools in the United States.’
    • ‘Ichinomiya was once a small and peaceful town, free of yakuza, but recent months have seen a shakedown of all the businesses by a thug named Boss Gonzo.’
    fraud, swindle, fraudulent scheme, confidence trick, mare's nest
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  • 4A test of a new product or model, especially a vehicle or ship.

    ‘he gave the car its first ever shakedown at Silverstone’
    • ‘His own country's team, the All Blacks, are a case in point - how many times have they taken on quality opposition from across the world and then gone on to beat them in the final shakedown, against all the odds?’
    • ‘Still, in the final shakedown, it's all but impossible to predict before the event just who and what will catch a particular person's ear and eye.’
    • ‘It didn't flex at all during a shakedown test and it had an overall sturdy feeling that is hard to describe.’
    • ‘Starting this summer, an innovative program for certifying pork trichinae-free based on good farm management is going through its final shakedown - a 2-year pilot study.’
    • ‘In a final shakedown, it's the lack of conviction to the importance of its own message that keeps it from carrying any weight.’
  • 5A makeshift bed.