Definition of shake something off in English:

shake something off

phrasal verb

  • Successfully deal with or recover from.

    ‘Sheedy has shaken off a calf injury’
    • ‘My friend the Giant Swede was one of those sorts in his youth, but he shook it off.’
    • ‘Before today, every time Sophie visited this memory, she shook it off as coincidence.’
    • ‘Is it possible that perceptions and prejudices formed over millennia are shaken off in one go?’
    • ‘He shook the memory off and looked at Jonas warily.’
    • ‘A strange thought had wormed its way into my mind and I was unable to shake it off.’
    • ‘With that, Sam shook the memory off and turned her horse around.’
    • ‘We do not have to settle for every misery fate and humanity have heaped upon us, but should fight back, to see which ones can be shaken off.’
    • ‘Your ego was bruised by a former flame, and you're having trouble shaking it off.’
    • ‘I shook it off as Mario and I dealt with the last of the guards in the area.’
    • ‘Later, even critics lauded him for his agility in the dance sequences, little realising that it was a man in pain shaking it off, all for his fans.’
    recover from, get over, get better after
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