Definition of shake someone off in English:

shake someone off

phrasal verb

  • Manage to evade or outmanoeuvre someone who is following or pestering one.

    ‘he thought he had shaken off his pursuer’
    • ‘He tried to shake her off but couldn't quite manage it.’
    • ‘The plane I was following must have noticed I was because it tried to shake me off.’
    • ‘I soon regretted my decision to walk to class with Dan, but managed to shake him off as he entered his classroom.’
    • ‘Felix had managed to shake her off within seconds of arriving at the camp, citing supervision measures.’
    • ‘When she finally came out, Narcissus shook her off and told her she is no different from the other nymphs who kiss him and say they love him when they see him.’
    • ‘He was making exaggerated movements with the car to try and shake me off.’
    • ‘An anxious-looking lady followed me relentlessly down a street; I tried to shake her off by suddenly crossing the road, pretending to look in a reject china shop.’
    • ‘But much to the Americans' surprise, the Eurofighter shook them off, outmanoeuvred them and moved into shooting positions on their tails.’
    • ‘The youth shook him off, then followed the lieutenant down the front line.’
    • ‘If by some chance you attract un-cool people, you manage to shake them off with your rapier wit.’
    get away from, escape, elude, give someone the slip, leave behind, throw off, throw off the scent, dodge, lose, get rid of, rid oneself of
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