Definition of shake down in English:

shake down

phrasal verb

  • Become established in a new place or situation; settle down.

    ‘it was disruptive to the industry as it was shaking down after deregulation’
    • ‘Both this case and the Sterling case are shaking down as classic struggles between academic integrity and the power and influence of big business on university campuses.’
    • ‘The Usher Hall, normally so Edwardian, upright and slightly stuffy, slips off its tiara and shakes down to something a bit more comfortable.’
    • ‘How that sentiment will shake down Monday, not even Cummins pretends to know.’
    • ‘It will be instructive to see how the piece shapes up as it shakes down.’
    • ‘Stay tuned because something has to shake down, and soon.’
    • ‘As the dairy industry shakes down because of all this, there are winners and there are losers, and there are those who are hanging in there against all the odds because it's simply too hard or too heartbreaking to get out.’
    • ‘He expects the industry to shake down to four or five major players.’
    • ‘In some cultures, indeed, it is the norm for the original couple to shake down into something that is more companionship and shared interest than passion, and the men, at least, are allowed to establish a sex life elsewhere.’
    • ‘The ‘facts’ will come fast and furious from now till then; you'll be told which issues are most important to you, how you'll vote, and how the whole thing will shake down a hundred different times and ways.’