Definition of shake (or tremble) like a leaf in English:

shake (or tremble) like a leaf


  • (of a person) tremble greatly, especially from fear.

    • ‘‘I mean, I was shaking like a leaf,’ she confesses.’
    • ‘Roger was the last to cross and his knees shook like a leaf.’
    • ‘Looking at her, she seemed to know exactly what he was talking about as soon as she caught sight of Scarlett, who was trembling like a leaf by now at having so many people looking at her.’
    • ‘Just thinking about it makes me shake like a leaf.’
    • ‘I was shaking like a leaf on the first tee, as nervous standing over the ball as I had ever been in my life.’
    • ‘I was really shaking like a leaf when we first showed it.’
    • ‘She breathes heavily and, although trembling like a leaf from the shock, she succeeds in untying herself.’
    • ‘I was shaking like a leaf, and she told me to ring the police.’
    • ‘Absolutely terrified and trembling like a leaf, I sat down and played for him.’
    • ‘He opened the cellar door and slipped inside in a whisper, shut the door and locked it, and stood there trembling like a leaf.’