Definition of Shaitan in English:


(also Shaytan)


  • 1(in Muslim countries) the Devil or an evil spirit.

    • ‘Of course whilst the empirical source of this is the Kuffar and his puppeteer, the Shaytan, we cannot blame them entirely.’
    • ‘He also lords over the lesser forces of evil - especially his children, the shaitans.’
    • ‘They have done Shaitan's work in Allah's Holy Name.’
    • ‘What can we expect from ourselves in terms of following the Messenger of Allah when we have already lost the first battle against Shaytan in the morning’
    • ‘This is a task the cursed Shaitan assigned to himself.’
    • ‘Rather, Shaytan is going to work on your mind harder now to take you away from this great step that you would be taking towards getting closer to Allah Ta'ala.’
    • ‘I seek refuge in Allah, the most kind and most merciful, from Shaitan the outcast.’
    • ‘Please reply soon and put my mind at rest, I am losing hope and shaytan is playing with my mind and making me doubt the words of Allah and his Prophet.’
    • ‘And that is where Shaitan targets the vulnerable - by loosening the controls.’
    • ‘More importantly, as the Shaitan incarnate, he becomes a symbol of resistance for black British youth fighting against racism.’
    • ‘This is one of the shaitan, the devils of the desert.’
    • ‘And Shaitan will be left miserable and alone by virtue of both our prayers and our actions in the way of Allah!’
    • ‘It is either the path of Allah or the path of Shaytan.’
    • ‘During the hajj, Shaitan is represented by a featureless stone pillar or wall.’
    • ‘Commence your Prayer by seeking Allah's help and protection from the influences of Shaytan.’
    • ‘However sisters are most vulnerable to attacks on their character, being maligned and targeted by those who have submitted to the Shaytan out of self-righteousness, jealousy and envy.’
    • ‘Could you please tell me if Shaitan had any offspring?’
    • ‘He said that he had so many illnesses, and they were all caused by Shaitan - the devil.’
    • ‘My shyness, my shaytan and my bad things all disappeared.’
    • ‘From the moment the pilgrim dons his Ihram, he profusely makes this pronouncement during all waking hours until he has stoned the Shaytan on the 10th of Zul-Hijjah.’
    1. 1.1 An evilly disposed, vicious, or cunning person or animal.


Arabic šayṭān from Hebrew śāṭān. Compare with Satan.