Definition of shahid in English:


(also shaheed)


  • A Muslim martyr.

    • ‘If the Russians kill me, I'm a shahid, a martyr who goes immediately to heaven.’
    • ‘The second Intifada, with its cult of the blood-soaked shahid, has had the opposite effect of sealing the blood line between the communities and lessening the differentiation within them.’
    • ‘The radio station received numerous complaints when it chose to use the expression ‘suicide terrorists’ instead of the word shahids, as is the norm in the Arabic language media.’
    • ‘They are the ones we most fear, as they have nothing to lose, they gain popularity by becoming shahids, and they are assured that their families will be taken care of.’
    • ‘‘You need to think of yourselves as mujaheddin, holy warriors,’ the group is told, ‘and you aspire to be a shahid, a martyr killed in battle.’’


Via Urdu from Arabic šahīd ‘witness, martyr’.