Definition of shadow mask in English:

shadow mask


  • A perforated metal screen situated directly behind the phosphor screen in certain types of colour television tube, having a pattern of precisely located holes through which the electron beams pass so as to strike the correct dots on the phosphor screen.

    • ‘They are arguably the highest performing CRTs on the market (if comparing high-end aperture grille monitors to high-end shadow mask monitors).’
    • ‘Both provide excellent viewing experiences depending on your preference for an aperture grille or shadow mask display.’
    • ‘There are two basic cathode ray tube technologies: aperture grille and shadow mask.’
    • ‘The faceplate portion has a screen to display an image, and the panel portion has a shadow mask installed therein.’
    • ‘The convergence test measures how accurately the red/green/blue electron guns are firing at the shadow mask - in this test, white lines should appear if the convergence is correct.’
    matte, photomask, masking, masking tape
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