Definition of Shaddai in English:



  • One of the names given to God in the Hebrew Bible.

    • ‘On the reverse side of the mezuzah scroll is the Hebrew name of God, Shaddai.’
    • ‘‘Will the contender with Shaddai yield?’’
    • ‘Does Shaddai in Job really mean ‘Lord of the Animals’?’
    • ‘In some systems of Gematria, 314 is the number of the angel Metatron, and two names of God - Shaddai, and Shakai - the latter associated with Yesod.’
    • ‘In Genesis we read that God appeared to Abraham and told him, ‘I am El Shaddai, ‘a name commonly translated as ‘Almighty.’’


Hebrew, translated as ‘Almighty’ in English versions of the Bible, but of uncertain meaning.