Definition of shackland in English:



  • (in South Africa) a hastily erected urban shack settlement, not officially proclaimed as a residential area.

    • ‘But driving through Alex leaves one with the overall impression of squalor and desperate poverty witnessed in the polluted streets, the overcrowded shacklands, and the many unemployed people milling about the streets.’
    • ‘Uneducated and unskilled, many of the settlers of this shackland remain unemployed, often unemployable in the formal sector, but still manage to survive - somehow.’
    • ‘The haphazard shackland has corridors of just enough room to squeeze through, some flowing with water and garbage.’
    • ‘In addition Mark Hunter's essay in African Studies, dissecting the ‘materiality of everyday sex’ in shacklands of KwaZulu-Natal, expounded an equally compelling thesis.’
    • ‘They use the shacklands as a convenient sleepover, close to work, from Monday to Thursday, before returning home on payday.’